About Úrsula

Úrsula is not only the creative force behind the brand but also the designer shaping each unique piece. In 2014, she embarked on a transformative journey, establishing a ceramic workshop as an escape from her architectural work. Captivated by the world of ceramics, she immersed herself fully in the craft after two years, drawn to its swifter creative process compared to the lengthy construction timelines of buildings.

Currently operating from her personal studio in Lisbon, Úrsula now works independently. Rooted in her architectural background, her distinctive style emerges—a penchant for crafting simple, geometric, and monochromatic pieces that seamlessly blend into any home setting, embodying utility and minimalism.

Fueling her artistic exploration is a deep curiosity about the very nature of the material, its hues, and tactile qualities. Úrsula finds joy in the intricate details, particularly reveling in the rough texture of stoneware, a material she holds in high regard. Her creations not only reflect her artistic prowess but also echo the convergence of her architectural past and her present devotion to the world of ceramics.